“The so-called 'Left-Hand Path' - that of Kaulas, Siddhas and Viras - combines the... Tantric worldview with a doctrine of the Übermensch which would put Nietzsche to shame... The Vira - which is to say: the 'heroic' man of Tantrism - seeks to sever all bonds, to overcome all duality between good and evil, honor and shame, virtue and guilt. Tantrism is the supreme path of the absolute absence of law - of shvecchacarī, a word meaning 'he whose law is his own will'." ― Julius Evola, The Path of Cinnabar.

“It is necessary to have “watchers” at hand who will bear witness to the values of Tradition in ever more uncompromising and firm ways, as the anti-traditional forces grow in strength. Even though these values cannot be achieved, it does not mean that they amount to mere “ideas.” These are measures…. Let people of our time talk about these things with condescension as if they were anachronistic and anti-historical; we know that this is an alibi for their defeat. Let us leave modern men to their “truths” and let us only be concerned about one thing: to keep standing amid a world of ruins.” ― Julius Evola, Revolt Against the Modern World: Politics, Religion, and Social Order in the Kali Yuga.

“We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who died at his post during the eruption of Vesuvius because someone forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one that can not be taken from a man.” ― Oswald Spengler, Man and Technics: A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1915 A group of poor men hold signs given to them by eugenics supporters on Wall Street (NY)

A group of poor men hold signs given to them by eugenics supporters on Wall Street (NY)
Copyright 1997 State Historical Society of Wisconsin
SHSW Location: Classified 6728
Notes: Negative no.: W Hi (x3) 14579 Typed on back: "Photograph by Underwood & Underwood, N.Y. Human Interrogation Points Enlisted by Eugenic Forces. A curious looking group of men invaded Wall Street the community of sleek bankers, spick and span brokers and well groomed clerks and office boys, carrying signs on which some very pertinent questions were asked. As intended by the Eugenic Forces which employed the men to parade the financial district, they were soon the center of a mass of a thousand. The signs explain themselves. One of the bearers said he was employed by a medical society at 206 Broadway. This is the office of the editor of the Medical Review of Reviews who recently offered a prize of $1000 for the 'perfect eugenic marriage.'"
Modifications: The image is approximately 1/8th size original. Drop shadow border added; colors reduced to sixteen grays.

For more information or to obtain rights for this image, contact the State Historical Society of Wisconsin Visual Materials Archive at (608) 264-6470.
SOURCE: http://us.history.wisc.edu/hist102/photos/html/1150.html

Thanks TB!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The first Boys From Brazil: Nazi graveyard discovered deep in the Amazon rainforest

A few interesting factoids and excellent photographs buried in the typical media spiel:
Final resting place: Brazilian natives at a Nazi grave in the Amazon.

Left: The wooden cross decorated with swastikas carries the inscription: ‘Joseph Greiner died here on 2.1.1936′

Daily Mail | Oct 24, 2008

By Alan Hall

A graveyard of former Nazis bent on creating a ‘foreign Fatherland’ in the Amazonian rainforests from which to spread Hitler’s maniacal beliefs has been discovered in Brazil.

The relics betray a madcap plan back in the 1930s to create a master race thousands of miles from Germany.

The graveyard and other ruins that fanatical Nazis left behind are chronicled in a new book.

Entitled ’The Guayana-Projekt. A German Adventure on the Amazon’ it says die-hard Nazis believed they were destined to settle the world like pioneers of the wild west in America.

It has long been known that Nazis wandered post-war into the remote regions of South America, befriended by fascist governments and military dictatorships.

The 1978 film Boys From Brazil told a of a bizarre plot to clone Hitler that was hatched by Joseph Mengele in his jungle hideout.

But the harshness of the Amazonian jungle was a strange choice of destination.

Historical Nazi ‘footprints’ are found in grave markers with swastikas, photos found in archives back home and the remains of dwellings.

On an island on a tributary of the River Jary in Brazil author Jens Gluessing found a nine-foot high wooden cross decorated with swastikas that testified to one of the explorers who never made it back to Berlin.

It carries the inscription: ‘Joseph Greiner died here on 2.1.1936, a death from fever in the service of German Research Work.’

Locals call the site ‘The Nazi graveyard’ but it was originally destined to be part of a string of Nazi settlements across the Amazon which Hitler missionaries would use as jumping-off points to spread the gospel of totalitarianism.

In archives of the Brazilian State Department and the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, Gluessing found details of Greiner’s jungle mission.

Greiner arrived in 1935, bankrolled by the Nazi government and died of yellow fever or Malaria. He was one of three sent out by S.S race specialists as the vanguard of what they perceived would be a wave of settlers.

Greiner and his compatriots had dozens of helpers with them exploring the region bordering French Guyana with a view to populating it for the Reich. They also had their sights on the neighbouring British and Dutch colonies.

They sent back to Berlin details of how a German soldiers should live in Brazil, even though their cover story was that they were collecting specimens of fauna and wildlife.

Schulz Kampfhenkel, an officer in the S.S. and leader of the expedition which claimed Greiner’s life, returned from the jungles and submitted to his boss Heinrich Himmler details of the ’Guayana Project.’

‘The two largest scantly populated, but rich in resources, areas on earth are in Siberia and South America,’ he wrote to Himmler. ‘They alone offer spacious immigration and settlement possibilities for the Nordic peoples.’

As Siberia semed likely to fall at that time to China, he recommended colonising Amazonia for ‘people without living space.’

He added in typically Nazi fashion: ‘For the more advanced white race it offers outstanding possibilities for exploitation.’

A film was produced showing Greiner’s work in the jungle in the 1930s. He believed the Nazis could colonise ‘Amazonia’

As befitting an S.S. man who bought wholly into concepts of Nazi race purity he said the people who lived there ‘cannot be measured in civilised terms as we known them in Germany.’

With one million German settlers in Brazil already, he argued the seedcorn was already there for the expansion of the Third Reich and that they could secure a ‘bridgehead’ against American influence in the region.

The author found evidence, however, that Himmler had ‘scant interest’ in his grandiose settlement plans. A Nazi film was made of his travels – but no mention made of the Guayana Project: it remained classified by S.S. intelligence.

‘Given time, the plan may be submitted again,’ Himmler wrote to his jungle emissary.

But his experiences were put to use by the Nazi war machine: he became Nazi Germany’s leading expert in aerial photo-reconnaissance interpretation.

After the war the Americans arrested him and he was placed in a POW camp in Salzburg, Austria. Released, he died in 1989, still dreaming of a German colony amid the rain forests.

The Guayana project: Nazi's in the jungle Camp. In 1935 German researchers went on an expedition of the Brazilian jungles

With the natives: In 1935 German researchers went on an expedition of the Brazilian jungles

A film was produced showing Greiner's work in the jungle in the 1930s. He believed the Nazis could colonise 'Amazonia'

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/worldnews/article-1080071/The-Boys-Brazil-Nazi-graveyard-discovered-deep-Amazon-rainforest.html#ixzz0m2ZDWO5J

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I Think I Found My Lost Tribe

These photos are taken from an extremely disparaging blog post found HERE. Apparently this is "The Union of Orthodox Granfoliers" an organization of radical rightwing Orthodox Priests, headed by Leonid Simonovich-Nikshich, who gained some notoriety for violently breaking up an unauthorized gay pride parade in Moscow, and for crucifying and burying a toy monkey in protest of Darwinism. Here they are protesting scheduled appearance of pop-schlock sleazebag Madonna in 2006. Aside from being fashionably in black, note the interesting mixture of Russian Orthodox symbols with what appear to be Military insignia, and at least one is wearing a Waffen SS Totenkopf (Death's Head) badge on his cap.

Yeah, I'd back these guys over Madonna. Also there is no doubt they are serious about it. I think I've found my lost Tribe. {More links below}

"We are proclaiming a new holy inquisition against those who struggle against God," said Simonovich-Nikshich, who heads the Union of Orthodox Gonfaloniers, a name that alludes to Medieval Italian republics.


VERY Interesting: http://rossia3.ru/eng/meetechoofmos
Everyone will be punished!! Yes! Death! To torture and to hang up! To hung up and to torture!

To you, who live their live in orgy,
To you who have a bathroom and warm closet!
To you who know the heroes only from newspaper’s, Georgy
To you, who are talentless, and do not reflect !
You don’t even think that maybe one soldier
Is fighting and battling and bleeding to death
And when he all covered with wounds, on his slaughter,
Sees suddenly you, as you smeared the cutlet
Singing Severyanin and lustfuly clothed
I tell you my life will be never devoted
To you,..whose only values are women and jar
I better serve pineapple water
To bitches …in the bar!

More here:

God Save Russia!

With Belief in God, Freedom or Death!
Sodom will not stand!
We will not allow the corruption of our land
Let our distinguished academics see how Orthodox people treat their pseudo-theories
A new history has begun and the events in this history will occur under new laws of world conflict. In the beginning this war will not be nuclear, it will be conducted in the form of conflicts of low intensity and it will not only be a war of armed forces but also an information war.
We have declared a new holy inquisition that will fight all villains who oppose Christ, the sacred symbols and the Orthodox Church

From the blogger:
I first came upon The Union of Orthodox Banner Bearers, sometimes translated from the Russian as The Union of Orthodox Flag Bearers or the more poetic Union of Orthodox Gonfalon Bearers when browsing a website of Russian photo-journalism. The site contained several images of the Union holding a demonstration against a concert given by Madonna in Moscow in 2007 and one could not fail to be struck by the dramatic, almost sinister appearance of this sect as they speared a large poster of the “American Satanist and Kabbalist” with a wooden stake. Dressed in black paramilitary fatigues, sporting thick beards and bedecked in the regalia of the Russian Orthodox Church, Tsarist military decorations and the occaisional deaths-head the Union possess a strong visual aesthetic that instantly captured my attention. I began to research the movement and found that information, at least information in English, was scarce but very interesting.

The Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers was co-founded in 1993 by Leonid Simonovich-Nikshich, who I have seen described in one place on the web as a pretender to the Serbian Crown – although how much credence can be given both to that statement and Simonovich’s claim is another matter. The Union is a radical organisation that seems to be comprised mostly of layeity although it would appear to enjoy at least tacit support amongst the more militant elements of the Orthodox clergy and follows the precedent of the Black Hundreds in calling for a return to the Old Russia of Tsar and God. For Simonovich and the members of his Union we are living in the Last Days and politics is an irrelevance as we await the final battle and the raptures of apocalypse. America in particular is castigated as a secular Satan whose crime in bombing the Serbs is not her interference in the affairs of another state but her decision to take up arms against an Orthodox country. Simonovich has resurrected a more important fundamental – the Patristic declaration that a synagogue is a refuge of demons and also seeks to resurrect the medieval myth of Jewish ritual murder as evidence of the Jewish threat, publicly calling for the canonisation of Andriushy Iushchinsky, whom Jews were accused of murdering in 1911, and declaring that the murder of Tsar Paul I bore the hallmarks of a ‘Masonic’ ritual killing. Further threats to the integrity of Russian Orthodoxy are offered by Roman Catholics, NATO and the West in general. As well as getting hot and bothered about Madonna’s gig The Union of Orthodox Banner Bearers has been active in violently opposing Gay Rights marches in Moscow, in which veteran British busy-body Peter Tatchell was soundly twatted, protesting about the publication of Harry Potter books in Russia, ritually impaling a toy monkey as a public denouncement of Darwinian evolution and joining forces with other groups on the far right of Russian parapolitics to protest about the radio station Echo Of Moscow, which it accused of broadcasting anti-Russian propaganda. So what? I’m unlikely to be visiting Russia any time soon and and shouldn’t we simply treat these people with as much contempt as our own homegrown religious cranks and crackpots? Well – yes and no. It’s certainly true that militant and confrontational as they may be The Union of Orthodox Banner Bearers is a small group on the outer fringe of the fringe of Russian politics and maybe we can all get behind somebody who wants to impale Madonna but is the enemy of your enemy really your friend? In this case I would say not. They probably don’t like Venom either.
JDS: I'll post more as it comes in. Thanks to everyone who forwarded links, esp. KIS.

Dante's Inferno (Clay Animation, 16mm)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

From the 7th Circle of Hell: Pier della Vigna (c. 1190 - 1240)

Pier della Vigna: Circle 7, Inferno 13
Like Dante, Pier della Vigna (c. 1190 - 1240) was an accomplished poet--part of the "Sicilian School" of poetry, he wrote sonnets--and a victim of his own faithful service to the state. With a first-rate legal education and ample rhetorical talent, Pier rose quickly through the ranks of public service in the Kingdom of Naples and Sicily, from scribe and notary to judge and official spokesman for the imperial court of Frederick II. But his powers appear to have exceeded even these titles, as Pier claims to have had final say over Frederick's decisions (Inf. 13.58-63). While evidence of corruption casts some doubt on Pier's account of faithful service to the emperor, it is generally believed that he was indeed falsely accused of betraying Frederick's trust by envious colleagues and political enemies (Inf. 13.64-9). In this way, Pier's story recalls that of Boethius, author of the Consolation of Philosophy, a well known book in the Middle Ages (and a favorite of Dante's) recounting the fall from power of another talented individual falsely accused of betraying his emperor. Medieval commentators relate that Frederick, believing the charges against Pier (perhaps for plotting with the pope against the emperor), had him imprisoned and blinded. Unable to accept this wretched fate, Pier brutally took his life by smashing his head against the wall (perhaps of a church) or possibly by leaping from a high window just as the emperor was passing below in the street.

Pier's name--Vigna means "vineyard"--undoubtedly made him an even more attractive candidate for Dante's suicide-trees. As an added part of the contrapasso for the suicides, the souls will not be reunited with their bodies at the Last Judgment but will instead hang their retrieved corpses on the trees (Inf. 13.103-8).
Dante's INFERNO, Canto XIII.
Wikipedia Entry for Pier delle Vigne.

14th Century Figurative Alphabet by Giovannino de'Grassi

I've been studying Dante lately, thus the Medieval Catholicism kick, aside from the fact that I love Medieval and Catholic art in general. This figurative alphabet, created by the architect Giovannino de'Grassi, is from a late 14th century pattern book for illustrators.

Below: Offiziolo - L'eterno e gli eremiti

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Catacombes of the Capuchin Monks of Palermo

From: http://motomom.tripod.com/index-3.html

The Bal des Ardents: The "Ball of the Burning Men"

From A Distant Mirror by Barbara W. Tuchman (Ballantine Books: New York, 1978):

On the Tuesday before Candlemas Day... the Queen [Isabella of Bavaria] gave a masquerade to celebrate the wedding of a favorite lady-in-waiting who, twice-widowed, was now being married for the third time. A woman's remarriage, according to certain traditions, was considered an occasion for mockery and often celebrated by a charivari for the newlyweds with all sorts of license, disguises, disorders and loud blaring of discordant music and clanging of cymbals outside the bridal chamber. Although this was a usage contrary to all decency, says the censorious Monk of St. Denis, King Charles [VI] let himself be persuaded by dissolute friends to join in such a charade.

Six young men including the King and Yvain, bastard son of the Count of Foix, disguised themselves as wood savages in costumes of linen cloth sewn onto their bodies and soaked in resinous wax or pitch to hold a covering of frazzled hemp, so that they appeared shaggy and hairy from head to foot. Face masks entirely concealed their identity. Aware of the risk they ran in torch-filled halls, they forbade anyone carrying a torch to enter during the dance. Plainly, an element of Russian Roulette was involved, the tempting of death that has repeatedly been the excitement of highborn and decadent youth. Certain ways of behavior vary little across the centuries. Plainly, too, there was an element of cruelty in involving as one of the actors a man thinly separated from madness.

The deviser of the affair, cruelest and most insolent of men, was one Huguet de Guisay, favored in the royal circle for his outrageous schemes. He was a man of wicked life who corrupted and schooled youth in debaucheries, and held commoners and the poor in hatred and contempt. He called them dogs, and with blows of sword and whip took pleasure in forcing them to imitate barking. If a servant displeased him, he would force the man to lie on the ground and, standing n his back, would kick him with his spurs, crying, Bark, dog! in response to his cries of pain.

In their Dance of the Savages, the masqueraders capered before the revelers, imitating the howls of wolves and making obscene gestures while the guests tried to discover their identity. Charles was teasing and gesticulating before the fifteen-year-old Duchesse de Berry when Louis d'Orleans and Philippe de Bar, arriving from dissipations elsewhere, entered the hall accompanied by torches despite the ban. Whether to discover who the dancers were, or deliberately courting danger (accounts of the episode differ), Louis held up a torch over one of the capering monsters. A spark fell, a flame flickered up a leg, first one dancer was afire, then another. The Queen, who alone knew that Charles was among the group, shrieked and fainted. The Duchesse de Berry... threw her skirt over [the King] to protect him from the sparks, thus saving his life. The room filled with the guests' sobs and cries of horror and the tortured screams of the burning men. Guests who tried to stifle the flames and tear the costumes from the writhing victims were badly burned. Except for the King, only the Sire de Nantouillet, who flung himself into a large wine-cooler filled with water, escaped. The Count de Joigny was burned to death on the spot, Yvain de Foix and Aimery Poitiers died after two days of painful suffering. Huguet de Guisay lived for three days in agony, cursing and insulting his fellow dancers, the dead and the living, until his last hour. When his coffin was carried through the strets, the common people greeted it with cries of Bark, dog!.

This ghastly affair, coming so soon after the King's madness, was like an exclamation point to the malign succession of events that has tormented the century. Charles's narrow escape threw Paris into a great commotion, and anger swept the citizens at the appalling frivolity which had so casually endangered the life and honor of the King. Had he died, they said, the people would have massacred the uncles and the court; not one of them would have escaped death, nor any knight found in Paris. Alarmed at these dangerous sentiments with their echo of the Maillotins' rebellion barely ten years past, the uncles prevailed on the King to ride in solemn procession to Notre Dame to appease the people. Behind Charles on horseback, his uncles and brother followed barefoot as penitents. As the involuntary agent of the tragedy, Louis was widely reproached for his dissolute habits. In expiation he built a chapel for the Célestins with marvelous stained glass and rich altar furnishings and an endowment for perpetual prayers.

Above: An illuminated panel from Froissart's Chronicles. France, c.1460s.

Above: From Jean Froissart, Chroniques, British Library, Harley 4380, fol. 1 r° 1450 - 1480
Above: Another Version.

Heraldic Art of Anthony Wood

From A Dictionary of Heraldry, edited by Stephen Friar (Harmony Books, 1987):

"A magnificent illuminated painting by Anthony Wood of the arms of John Tiptoft, Earl of Worcester K.G. Sometime Constable of England, scholar, humanist, patron of Caxton and avant-courier of the Renaissance, Tiptoft's bestial crutely and ruthlessness earned him the sobriquet Butcher of England. A Yorkist, whose services to Edward IV included the impaling of captured rebels in 1470, he was beheaded during the readeption of Henry VI in the following year."

Anthony Wood @ The Society of Heraldic Arts: http://www.heraldic-arts.com/wooda.htm

16th Century Death's Head Rosary

From Metropolitan Museum of Art: Ivory rosary with gilded silver chain, carved in Germany in the first quarter of the 16th century. The rosary's Latin inscriptions read "Think on death" and "This is what you will be."

Requiem Vestments from the Church of St. Gery in Roucourt, made c1600