“The so-called 'Left-Hand Path' - that of Kaulas, Siddhas and Viras - combines the... Tantric worldview with a doctrine of the Ɯbermensch which would put Nietzsche to shame... The Vira - which is to say: the 'heroic' man of Tantrism - seeks to sever all bonds, to overcome all duality between good and evil, honor and shame, virtue and guilt. Tantrism is the supreme path of the absolute absence of law - of shvecchacarÄ«, a word meaning 'he whose law is his own will'." ― Julius Evola, The Path of Cinnabar.

“It is necessary to have “watchers” at hand who will bear witness to the values of Tradition in ever more uncompromising and firm ways, as the anti-traditional forces grow in strength. Even though these values cannot be achieved, it does not mean that they amount to mere “ideas.” These are measures…. Let people of our time talk about these things with condescension as if they were anachronistic and anti-historical; we know that this is an alibi for their defeat. Let us leave modern men to their “truths” and let us only be concerned about one thing: to keep standing amid a world of ruins.” ― Julius Evola, Revolt Against the Modern World: Politics, Religion, and Social Order in the Kali Yuga.

“We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who died at his post during the eruption of Vesuvius because someone forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one that can not be taken from a man.” ― Oswald Spengler, Man and Technics: A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


This guy deserves commendation NOT conviction for sending out a CLEAR MESSAGE that law-abiding people are SICK AND TIRED of putting up with SUBHUMAN SCUMBAGS and their BULLSHIT. Rally behind this man's cause wherever and whenever possible. It's time to stop taking shit from the SCUM of the earth.
FUCK "Antwun" Parker and his ilk - and that includes the fucking pig that gave birth to him.

Oklahoma druggist arrested for killing holdup man
Confronted by two holdup men, pharmacist Jerome Ersland pulled a gun, shot one of them in the head and chased the other away. Then, in a scene recorded by the drugstore's security camera, he went behind the counter, got another gun, and pumped five more bullets into the wounded teenager as he lay on the floor.
Now Ersland has been charged with first-degree murder in a case that has stirred a furious debate over vigilante justice and self-defense and turned the pharmacist into something of a folk hero.
Ersland, 57, is free on $100,000 bail thanks to an anonymous donor. He has won praise from the pharmacy's owner, received an outpouring of cards, letters and checks from supporters and become the darling of conservative talk radio.
"His adrenaline was going. You're just thinking of survival," said John Paul Hernandez, 60, a retired Defense Department employee who grew up in the neighborhood. "All it was is defending your employee, business and livelihood. If I was in that position and that was me, I probably would have done the same thing."
District Attorney David Prater said Ersland was justified in shooting 16-year-old Antwun Parker once in the head, but not in firing the additional shots into his belly. The prosecutor said the teenager was unconscious, unarmed, lying on his back and posing no threat when Ersland fired what the medical examiner said were the fatal shots.
But many of those who have seen the video of the May 19 robbery attempt at Reliable Discount Pharmacy have concluded the teenager in the ski mask got what he deserved.
Mark Shannon, who runs a conservative talk show on Oklahoma City's KOTV, said callers have jammed his lines this week in support of Ersland, who wears a back brace on the job and told reporters that he is a disabled veteran of the Gulf War.
"There is no gray area," Shannon said. One caller "said he should have put all the shots in the head."
Don Spencer, a 49-year-old National Rifle Association member who lives in the small town of Meridian, 40 miles north of Oklahoma City, said the pharmacist did the right thing: "You shoot more than enough to make sure the threat has been removed."
Barbara Bergman, past president of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and a professor at the University of New Mexico School of Law, likened the public reaction to that of the case of Bernard Goetz, the New Yorker who shot four teenagers he said were trying to rob him when they asked for $5 on a subway in 1984.
Goetz was cleared of attempted murder and assault but convicted of illegal gun possession and served 8 1/2 months in jail.
Bergman said those who claim they used deadly force in self-defense have to show they were "in reasonable fear of serious bodily injury."
The pharmacy is in a crime-ridden section of south Oklahoma City and had been robbed before.
The video shows two men bursting in, one of them pointing a gun at Ersland and two women working with the druggist behind the counter. Ersland fires a pistol, driving the gunman from the store and hitting Parker in the head as he puts on a ski mask.
Ersland chases the second man outside, then goes back inside, walks behind the counter with his back to Parker, gets a second handgun and opens fire.
Irven Box, Ersland's attorney, noted the outpouring of support for the pharmacist, including $2,000 in donations, and said: "I feel very good 12 people would not determine he committed murder in the first degree."
Under Oklahoma's "Make My Day Law" — passed in the late 1980s and named for one of Clint Eastwood's most famous movie lines — people can use deadly force when they feel threatened by an intruder inside their homes. In 2006, Oklahoma's "Stand Your Ground Law" extended that to anywhere a citizen has the right to be, such as a car or office.
"It's a 'Make-My-Day' case," Box said. "This guy came in, your money or your life. Mr. Ersland said, `You're not taking my life.'" The gunman "forfeited his life."
Box said that another person might have reacted differently, but he asked: "When do you turn off that adrenaline switch? When do you think you're safe? I think that's going to be the ultimate issue."
If convicted, Ersland could be sentenced to life in prison with or without parole, or receive the death penalty.
The second suspect in the holdup, a 14-year-old boy, was arrested Thursday and faces attempted armed robbery charges.
Ersland is white and the two suspects were black. Anthony Douglas, president of the Oklahoma chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, called a news conference to praise the district attorney for bringing the murder charge. But he said the organization has taken no position on Ersland's guilt or innocence.
"We want the system to do its job," Douglas said.
Parker's parents also expressed relief that Ersland faces a criminal charge.
"He didn't have to shoot my baby like that," Parker's mother, Cleta Jennings, told TV station KOCO.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


A friend passed along a copy of VALKYRIE which, having never been a Tom Cruise fan, is something I probably would not have watched otherwise. Tom Cruise is one of those not-so-rare entertainers that I hated at first sight on a molecular level the first time I ever watched one of his films (Risky Business, I think). I still think his creative output is mediocre at best, only hitting an unexpected head-shot in P.T. Anderson’s MAGNOLIA, but P.T. Anderson deserves more credit for astute casting than Tom Cruise does for delivering a self-caricature as a sleazy “motivational” guru.

VALKYRIE is the story of the failed assassination/coup attempt against Adolf Hitler by a handful of marginalized politicians and high-ranking officers looking to save their own skin during the final months of the Third Reich. Cruise plays Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg, the key agent in the assassination attempt. His co-conspirators are played by Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy, Eddie Izzard, Terence Stamp and Tom Wilkinson, all of whom give generally good performances. Tom Cruise delivers his standard Tom Cruise performance.

The film is a generally accurate play-by-play of the conspiracy and actual physical circumstances of the attempted coup. The object of the film is to portray Stauffenberg and his closest associates as idealists fighting “evil” in order to save the “real” Germany from the naughty Nazis. A slight credit is deserved for portraying at least some of the conspirators as waffling cowards only taking the extreme risk in order to possibly save their own skins and advancing their own positions when cutting a deal with the Allies in surrender after Hitler is dead. The overt intent of the film is to present the situation as a clear-cut case of “good” vs. “evil.”

The only way to I could find to salvage any stimulus from this film is to pull the rug out from under it by imagining how the film would be viewed out of context in an imaginary culture that is not saturated with WWII mythology, propaganda, and media constructs. Taken at face value, with only the references and direct depictions of events in the film, our hypothetically detached viewer would have no preconceived reason to think Hitler and his associates are “evil” or that Stauffenberg is anything but a paranoid resentment-driven sociopathic traitor and his co-conspirators are waffling self-serving cowards trying to cover their own asses in the face of inevitable conquest by hostile forces.

At no point in the film is Hitler depicted as a demonic maniac – not because the film-maker has any objectivity, but because he assumes that assumption on the part of the well-indoctrinated audiences he knows will be watching the film. Without that assumption, Hitler appears as a relatively quiet, albeit intense, leader who exhibits little in his brief appearances beyond kindness to his pet dog and the willingness to trust his subordinates enough to delegate authority to them, in this case in the form of signing-off on traitorous standing orders, sight-unseen, because he assumes the loyalty of Stauffenberg.

At no point is anyone directly portrayed as being maltreated by Nazis. There is only a brief reference to “mass killings of Jews” during a phone conversation by Stauffenberg. It could all be hearsay, propaganda, or hate-fuelled delusion on his part. Stauffenberg on the other hand, early in the film, exhibits tendencies and expresses ideas that would be considered traitorous were they coming from the mouth of an Allied officer in another film – at the very least he would be identified as poor officer material. After he is injured and disfigured in North Africa, what is depicted as steeled resolve, could alternately be portrayed as pathological resentment. Beyond this, the film can be seen as a failed plot driven by the pathological Stauffenberg and his sniveling self-serving conspirators, foiled by the loyalty of some and the self-serving calculations of others rightfully regarding Hitler as a better bet. From this perspective the summary arrests and executions of the conspirators at the end of the film is well-deserved.

But of course this is just a fantasy reading of the film, far removed from its intents and purposes, and the film itself is not that good or interesting. It is an average film in every respect. The only redeeming factors are the accurate and well-done sets and wardrobes, including a very nice swimming pool with a giant swastika on the bottom, other than that, not much to see here aside from Tom Cruise demonstrating that he is one of the few Europids who could manage to look like a ridiculous punk in a Nazi uniform.