“The so-called 'Left-Hand Path' - that of Kaulas, Siddhas and Viras - combines the... Tantric worldview with a doctrine of the Übermensch which would put Nietzsche to shame... The Vira - which is to say: the 'heroic' man of Tantrism - seeks to sever all bonds, to overcome all duality between good and evil, honor and shame, virtue and guilt. Tantrism is the supreme path of the absolute absence of law - of shvecchacarī, a word meaning 'he whose law is his own will'." ― Julius Evola, The Path of Cinnabar.

“It is necessary to have “watchers” at hand who will bear witness to the values of Tradition in ever more uncompromising and firm ways, as the anti-traditional forces grow in strength. Even though these values cannot be achieved, it does not mean that they amount to mere “ideas.” These are measures…. Let people of our time talk about these things with condescension as if they were anachronistic and anti-historical; we know that this is an alibi for their defeat. Let us leave modern men to their “truths” and let us only be concerned about one thing: to keep standing amid a world of ruins.” ― Julius Evola, Revolt Against the Modern World: Politics, Religion, and Social Order in the Kali Yuga.

“We are born into this time and must bravely follow the path to the destined end. There is no other way. Our duty is to hold on to the lost position, without hope, without rescue, like that Roman soldier whose bones were found in front of a door in Pompeii, who died at his post during the eruption of Vesuvius because someone forgot to relieve him. That is greatness. That is what it means to be a thoroughbred. The honorable end is the one that can not be taken from a man.” ― Oswald Spengler, Man and Technics: A Contribution to a Philosophy of Life.

Monday, August 18, 2008

A German View of Irregular Warfare in World War II

"Irregular Warfare" by Heinrich Härtle (1965)
translated by Hadding Scott (2008).

Only modern war-technology allows partisan warfare to become so dangerous. Parachutes, radio, and new weapons made possible yet another type of irregular warfare: sabotage troops, terror commandos. Especially in the West they were dropped from aircraft or smuggled in on the seaway, collaborated with partisans and Maquisards, raided headquarters, destroyed munitions camps, blew up arms factories, murdered, assassinated gangster-style. The English Government even distributed a "Handbook for Irregular Warfare." Regular troops were dangerously disadvantaged if not defenseless against these deliberately criminal tactics.

Only in October 1942 does the systematic German response begin. On 7 October 1942 it is stated in the Wehrmacht Report, which as usual is broadcast on radio:

"In the future all terror and sabotage troops of the Brits, and their accomplices, who conduct themselves not as soldiers but as bandits, will be treated as such by German troops, and annihilated remorselessly in battle where they even appear." On 18 October Hitler issued a corresponding order.

Why should this even more dangerous and more insidiously operating western variety of partisan be warded off more cautiously than Stalin's snipers?

In Nuremberg even this anti-terror, not the terror, is declared a war-crime; only the consequences, not the causes, are accused. Field Marshal Keitel portrays on 4 April 1946 the effect of this military underworld. Daily, numerous cases were discussed in situation conferences. Nevertheless the countermeasure was not carried out with the expected severity because these methods and likewise the defense against them were too alien to the soldierly tradition. Back then General Field Marshals Rommel, von Rundstedt, and Kesselring either modified or completely did not apply the anti-sabotage order, as defense attorney [Dr. Hans] Laternser was able to prove. (Since 1945 we have been schooled, especially on the western side, about how the barbarization of war shows especially clearly in Asia.)

Senior General Jodl reports that the German countermeasures related directly to the English close-combat doctrine. Hitler's order was supposed to achieve, more than anything, a deterrent effect. In fact the so-called commando operations did decline in 1944. The immediate provocation for the countermeasures was the capture of the orders of the Canadian airborne brigade, and its effect, which had been documented through photos. For example, members of the Organisation Todt, unarmed old men, were bound in such a way that the loop around their neck was bound at the other end around bent-back lower legs, so that the very victim must strangle himself.

Jodl had almost kept these gruesome procedures secret from Hitler and the German public. After a short time a commando on Sark Island proved that Germans had again been killed with this sadistic method. About other commando troops it was reported that they appeared as civilians. Under their shoulders they carried pistols which, when the hand was raised in ostensible surrender, fired a shot.

After the experiences of the last decades one can only wonder with what investment in public hate-propaganda and juristic hairsplitting the Moral Judges at Nuremberg condemned the treating as bandits of soldiers who also operated like bandits. Furthermore Jodl was able to prove that Hitler's order of 18 October 1942, at the request of the Supreme Commander in the West, von Rundstedt, was altered and partially nullified.
* The Organisation Todt was responsible for large construction projects.

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